Supermodel and winner of The Amazing Race 6... 

KENDRA BENTLEY with her son and puppy Tesli.



I want to thank all my clients/pom families. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting, talking, and building relationships with you all. My heart is filled with joy and I am at peace knowing that Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies are blessed with amazing families who show them so much love and affection. Thank you to all the Models, Actors, Music Artists, Professional Athletes, Social Media Influencers, Pom moms, Pom dads, Businessmen and Businesswomen who have allowed me to share their names and photos across all of my platforms. Thank you all so much for being a part of the Pomarazzi Pomeranian family and sharing your lovely photos with me. I look forward to building lifelong relationships with you all as well as sharing the love and happiness these beautiful poms bring.

Many blessings,


Rapper, Actor, singer, song writer,   Yelawolf surprising his fiancé                Fefe Dobson with their beautiful baby girl, Trailer Party. #BestChristmasPresentEver 

Supermodel and Actress, VERINA MARCEL with her beautiful girl "Lili Marlene"

Thank you VERINA MARCEL for coming back for your second Pom baby with me "BILLI" and giving Lilli Marlene a beautiful baby brother.... Literally same parents different litters. Hugs & Kisses!!!

Aussie Supermodel, Actress, KYNA TREACY and her beautiful baby girl "Teddy"

Super model, Owner of, Mr Specks Playhouse

CHRISTINA CALAUTTI with her Gorgeous  new baby girl "BELLA"

Model, Gaming Video Creator , Social Media influencer ALILFOXZ and her beautiful boy RAMBO

Pomarazzi Pomeranian Family

Here are some of the amazing families Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies are with

Previous Puppies 


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*All puppies viewed on this page are previous puppies who have found their "furever" homes, upcoming litters/current litters of puppies for sale, and or Pomarazzi Pomeranian's personally owned poms.*