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Pomarazzi Pomeranian is the number one Pomeranian breeder in the Midwest. Voted number one by It is lead by Lora, who has been breeding dogs for over 20 years. And specializes in Exotic colors & Blue eyes.  They are located in beautiful  Wayne , Illinois which is approximately 40 miles west of Chicago, IL. They are a non-kennel, none cage in home breeder. All Pomarazzi Pomeranian poms live in house. They have an amazing puppy boutique, nursery room and 5 acres of land to run free. “Poms are my passion and I take great pride in my dogs” says Lora, the founder of Pomarazzi Pomeranian. Lora is there every step of the way when it comes to the breeding process. From pregnancy, to birth, to raising them to ensure they have all supplements and the proper nutrition and love needed to be strong, beautiful, healthy puppies.

Pomarazzi Pomeranian has approximately two- three litters of gorgeous puppies twice a year “My pups have their own beautiful boutique nursery, which is located next to my master bedroom, but away from the pack. They are born & raised there and very well socialized as Lora and her family are with them 24/7 .  Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies go home with an amazing gift basket which includes Pomeranian literature, all their favorite food, & treats, toys and their puppy baby blanket with moms scent.  Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies are registered AKC, CKC, and or APRI. They are sold with a Spayed/Neutered contract. Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies come with all age appropriate shots & de worming's  and a clean bill of health provided by their licensed veterinarian. Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies come with a one (1) year health guarantee against any Congenital defect that results in death in which that puppy would be replaced free of charge with another puppy equal in value from an upcoming liter, Lora is vary thankful that has never happened in her whole career of breeding. All information and details can be found on Pomarazzi Pomeranian’s contract which will be thoroughly reviewed between the client and Pomarazzi Pomeranian.

A $500. Non-Refundable deposit is required in order to put a hold on your puppy/puppies (per puppy). The deposit will be deducted from the total purchase price. The remaining balance is due in full by or on receival date of your puppy/puppies. You may pay the deposit and remainder of the balance via PayPal, Cash, or Cashier’s check.

Pomarazzi Pomeranian puppies come from a lineage of outstanding show Pedigrees and or show imported Pedigrees that have been well vetted to ensure a perfect fit and meet Pomarazzi Pomeranian standards of excellence. Pomarazzi Pomeranian strives for perfection and catches excellence in breeding beautiful, healthy, great temperament Pomeranian puppies that will bring years of joy and love to you and your family. Pomarazzi Pomeranian looks forward to hearing from potential clients and answering any questions that they may have along with priding themselves in having lifelong client relationships.

Pomarazzi Pomeranian's Nursery


Here you will find pictures of a Pomarazzi Pomeranian, from birth to adulthood. They change so much as they grow. The shape of their head, coat, going through their "uglies", color, and size.

Meet Pomarazzi's Baby Bubby Blue!

Bubby at birth

Bubby, two weeks old

Bubby at three and four weeks old

Bubby at five and six weeks old

Bubby at seven and eight weeks old

Bubby nine through twelve weeks of age

Bubby, thirteen through sixteen weeks of age

Bubby going through his "uglies/teenager" stage, which happens between six and twelve months of age

Bubby at two years old to five years old

Bubby, today

Pomeranians go through many different looks throughout their lives. Starting off as the cutest fluffy puppies, having that funny "uglies" teen stage, and become gorgeous adults who like to give and receive love. Along with giving you a dogs lifetime of happiness.

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